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11 Turtleneck Styles Worth Trying For A Winter Pullover Women’s

by Kosha Admin 02 Jul 2024

11 Turtleneck Styles Worth Trying for a Winter Pullover Women’s

turtleneck winter pullover women's


Ladies, have you tried a turtleneck pullover in winter? Well, you must! This piece is pretty warm and versatile. You can wear this winter pullover women’s for many occasions.

There are many stylish ways to wear it, and this guide will help you with that. So make a note if you have plans to buy one this season.

So let’s get into the post right away.

Turtleneck Winter Pullover Women’s: 3 Basic Styles for Your Wardrobe

woman in grey turtleneck winter pullover women's

 When you shop for your turtlenecks, keep some options in mind. You shouldn’t buy the first piece you set your eyes on. There is a nice variety, even in a simple turtleneck. So you should be aware of that.

Let’s see the types of turtlenecks you women should keep in your winter closet. Here are three options for your collection. See which of them work well for you and pick accordingly.

All three of these options will create a variety of looks this season. Also, when winter feels long and bleak, you must have fun with your wardrobe.

1. A Fitted Turtleneck

A fitted turtleneck is a great layering choice for winter clothing. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it works wonders with the warmth and style elements.

It can look chic when styled on its own for fall. Whether it’s a midi skirt or a trenchcoat, there are ways to style this piece. You’ll read about them in the following segments.

A fitted turtleneck in neutral colours would be lovely for your winter wardrobe. After all, neutrals are among the basic picks for your winter colours.

You should pick these pieces in grey, cream, and black hues. You can trust these colours to do a good job or surprise you.

2. A Turtleneck Sweater

You’ll ideally want the warmest options to cozy up during cold winter. Hence a turtleneck sweater is a must in that regard. The best turtlenecks are made to keep you warm without being itchy or uncomfortable.

Also, it has a silhouette that can flatter one and all. A turtleneck sweater is a timeless option that will last for seasons.

3. A Trendy Turtleneck

While it provides warmth and comfort, you’ll also enjoy fashionable looks. When you’re looking to wear trendy winter wear, consider a turtleneck. This winter pullover women’s looks best in classic colours and shapes.

You can also try some cute sweaters that feature exciting attributes. It could be textures, prints, and colours that feel fresh for the season.

Hence your turtleneck shopping won’t be complete without a trendy or colourful piece. The style you pick should also match and show off your personality.

And you should have a few of them to incorporate variety in looks. You can also liven up a turtleneck with a pair of jeans.

Buy a turtleneck with a sweeping high-low hemline and shimmering threads throughout. A colour block option would also fit well.

And of course, try some statement-making shirred sleeves. If you’re fashion sense is good fashion, you should be able to pull this off. If you’re new to it, maximize this look for future seasons.

After all, if turtlenecks are your go-to sweaters, it’s best to make them an exciting piece to wear in winter. Hence, it helps to have lovely colours and outfits to pair with.

Types of Turtleneck Winter Pullover Women’s

turtleneck and jeans

 Let’s now have a look at the types of turtlenecks in the market. This winter pullover women’s has some lovely variations. Here are some of the pieces you should try:

1. The Classic Turtleneck

A classic turtleneck will always work out during winter. It’s classic, but it’s very easy to pull off. You can combine some simple items from your wardrobe and assemble a turtleneck outfit for winter.

Classic turtlenecks have a thin, slim neckline. You can pair this winter pullover women’s with a wide range of clothing. It could be either tights, jeans, or skirts.

This versatile sweater has also played a role in elevating winter fashion to some extent. In cold winters, wear this winter pullover women’s under a dress.

It’s a good choice for a chilly winter day. Try a thin turtleneck to avoid looking huge. Classic turtlenecks are simple in style. To add oomph, go for a dainty scarf as an accessory.

A scarf around your turtleneck is all you need for a good look sometimes. A turtleneck with a plaid or striped blazer will also work wonders. It’s an excellent option for any semi-formal or formal event.

Please don’t shy away from adding layers to the outfit. A dungaree over or a thin shirt under your turtleneck would look fab. It can raise your fashion game.

But please don’t overdo this layering bit. It can make or break your winter outfits.

You can wear a chunky necklace or earrings with your turtleneck too. You could also opt for a cashmere turtleneck with sneakers and a belt bag.

2. The Cowl Neck

A cowl neck sweater has a droopy, unstructured neckline. This neckline is chunky and big.

It gives you a laid-back, carefree look. These sweaters have drapes well below the collarbones.

This look comes about when folds of fabric fall from the neck. It gives the neckline an additional scarf-like appearance.

This sweater works when you want a garment that makes you appear beautiful. Also, the draped neckline suits a wide range of body types. A cowl neckline can add volume to a smaller chest. But you must adjust it correctly.

You will need to style this turtleneck properly for the best results. First, keep in mind that the neckline may overwhelm your figure. For a flattering fit, you can add a belt to the outfit.

It can accentuate your slim waist. A black belt will always look classy. But if you want some colour, play around with different textured or colours. If it fits your style and looks good, go ahead.

Avoid statement necklaces with cowl necklines. It may appear over the top. But it will also take the attention away from the neckline. You could consider accessorizing with hoop earrings, though.

To achieve a balanced look, pair the right shoes with your outfit. Usually, flats make your top appear heavy. A better alternative is to wear a bolder pair of shoes such as boots or chunky heels.

3. The Funnel Turtleneck

The funnel neck is another exciting variation on the turtleneck sweater. This turtleneck ends about halfway up your neck. It’s an excellent option to try something different.

They won’t reach the top of your neck. You will find them in fabrics such as merino wool and cashmere.

This winter pullover women’s brings out a super classy look.

There are many ways to ace this classy funnel neck style. For starters, wear a simple black mock neck sweater.

You can pair it with a crepe suede skirt for a feminine look. Complete the ensemble with fashionable wedges or chunky heels.

A mock turtleneck with boyfriend jeans is perfect for a casual everyday look. Please tuck the sweater in and wear a leather belt along with it. This combo will show off some style. Please don’t forget to complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers.

A colourful layered outfit is ideal if you want to try something different. Wear a bold-coloured mock neck over a chambray shirt. Allow the shirt’s collar and sleeves to peek out to create a layered look.

You can pair this with coloured jeans to complement your shirt. But round off the look with your sneakers!

You can also slip on a bright yellow or orange funnel turtleneck. Pair that up with crop pants, and you are good to go.

4. Knit Turtlenecks

Knit turtlenecks are another winter pullover women’s should try. People usually wear this as a stand-alone piece due to its bulky appearance.

If you love your winter fashion, wear knit turtlenecks with long, baggy sleeves.

These pullovers are ideal during the winter season. They keep you warm and cozy on cold days. You can also get creative when you style this top.

You can wear this over a long, button-down tunic or a knee-length skirt. Choose colours that suit the winter climate.

You can pair textured trousers with a creamy patterned knit piece. Please tuck the sweater in for a refined look.

These turtlenecks come in a wide range of sizes, colours, and textures. Choose your favourites wisely. If you like layering, choose a bold colour for this top.Layer it up with a jacket, cardigan, or blazer. Complete the look with sleek pants, washed jeans, or black leggings.

5. Printed Turtleneck

Sometimes, a plain, simple turtleneck top or sweater can be pretty dull. You can spice it up with some textures and prints. But if you’re into funky and printed designs, then printed turtlenecks are the way to go.

Keep the rest of your clothing minimal to pull off this look. If you’re wearing a leopard turtleneck top, your bottoms should be simple.

It should preferably be a matching colour like orange-brown or black. A single-toned matching blazer will be ideal if you want to accentuate the outfit further.

Printed turtlenecks give you many mixing-and-matching options. So, allow your creativity to flow while dressing up in a printed turtleneck.

You can incorporate stripes into your turtleneck outfits. Wear a striped turtleneck with a striped scarf around your neck. Also, you can opt for a cute floral turtleneck with leather pants. It will look pretty and girly in no time.

Throw on a matching leather jacket if it’s freezing outside. You can customize your clothing as per your preference and weather demands.

Styling a White Turtleneck Winter Pullover Women’s

white turtleneck winter pullover women's

 You would think black turtlenecks are classics. Yes, they are! But you should look at the white ones as well. Ladies, you can assemble some fabulous outfits this season with a white turtleneck. Here are some of your options to get you started:

1. White turtleneck with Dungarees

Dungarees are timeless pieces in many fabrics, patterns, and colours. You should pick shades that would match with a white turtleneck. This winter pullover women’s will add value to the outfit.

White usually goes well with most colours. So styling a white turtleneck won’t be that tough. It’s also an ideal base for your outfit. You can assemble casual and elegant looks, too for winter. So try this turtleneck-dungaree combo. You can pair it with heeled ankle boots for a trendy look.

2. White turtleneck With a Maxi Skirt

Your white turtleneck can also fit for business casual looks. Pair it with an elegant maxi skirt for an easy business casual look. Turtlenecks have a classy vibe. They would look stunning with a lovely maxi skirt.

So choose a good quality white turtleneck and a maxi skirt of a conservative colour and pattern. This combo will help you enjoy your days in the office.

3. White turtleneck under a Neutral-Toned Sweater

You’ve already read about the sweater and turtleneck combo. It works for a white turtleneck too. But ensure that you pick a neutral colour. It’s one of the easiest ways to style your turtlenecks.

You can choose colours like light grey, cream, beige or camel. The white turtleneck looks excellent with this piece.


knit turtleneck

 A turtleneck winter pullover women’s would be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. You should invest a few pieces to make the most of your winter days.

Also, a turtleneck will keep you safe against winter elements. All you need is to wear this piece the right way.

 This post was written by Kosha team member – Shawn Mathias

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