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12 Must-Have Clothing Items for a London Winter in England

by Kosha Admin 03 Jul 2024

The UK in winter has a lot to offer its visitors. Among them, London is a dream vacation spot for many during winter in England. Are you one of these people too? Well, you should try visiting this part of the UK in winter.

You need to prepare well for the weather. It starts with packing suitable winter clothing for London. It should be appropriate for winter in England.

I've compiled this guide to help you pack for your winter trip to London. So I hope you find the recommendations and tips helpful.

So are you excited to start packing for your trip to the UK in winter? Without further delay, let's get started.

London Weather During Winter in England

       Photo by Robert Bye

When visiting England during the winter, you must be aware of the weather conditions. The gear you carry along with you will depend on this information.

England's weather is pretty unpredictable at times. You might experience this even while visiting in winter.

Winter: December to February

London is colder in winter. But the average temperatures are between 2 and 6°C. It means you can enjoy the weather only with the right gear. Layering will play a massive role here. You will see that in the following segments.

December starts off the winter in England. And it usually goes on till February.

December also gives you the bonus of the Christmas period.

January and February are quieter times of year to visit. You'll often find cheaper deals on accommodation, attractions and restaurants during this period.

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Clothes to Pack for London During Winter in England

If you're travelling to London, start making a packing list for winter in England. Many of your usual winter essentials are required here. But it's always good to know of it. It will help you survive while you enjoy your time in London.

1. Waterproof Jacket

Jackets are a must-have in most winter wardrobes. The best winter jackets are known for the warmth and comfort they provide.

Also, you must remember that England is very unpredictable with rain. But you don't need to compromise with your vacation look.

Kosha Waterproof Jacket

A good, waterproof, water-resistant jacket is the best way to prevent getting wet. It'll also keep you dry and warm while looking stylish. You also won't need an umbrella everywhere you go. The jacket is a worthy substitute for the umbrella.

2. Woollen Dresses

Wool will always remain one of the trusted fabrics during winter. This can hold true for winter in England too. So you should look to buy as many woollen clothes as possible.

Kosha Merino Wool Long Cardigan

A woollen dress can be a classy, elegant yet comfortable piece of clothing. You can also pair it with your available outerwear. It can create stunning high-street fashion looks that keep you warm in winter.

You can style your dress with a structured blazer or knee-high boots. It will give you the chic and dapper outfit you're looking for.

3. Winter Boots

London is a beautiful city. But it's also as cold as it's gorgeous. So when you go sightseeing, you must dress according to the weather conditions.

After all, you wouldn't want to freeze while posing for a photo, right? And an important aspect to consider here is your feet.

        Photo by Marta Branco

Your feet need as much warmth as the rest of your body. Boots in neutral hues like black and brown can complement most of your outfits. But it will also keep your feet warm and comfy.

You could opt for calf-length or knee-high boots to get extra protection against the cold. You can style it with a woollen dress and a cardigan. Look out for contrasting colours to complete the look.

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4. Gloves or Mittens

Like your feet, your hands need warmth too. A winter vacation outfit in London would be incomplete without warm gloves or mittens. Cute mittens get popular during the holiday season.

So please don't forget to pack some for your trip to London during winter in England. It keeps up with the holiday spirit and protects you against the cold weather.

Kosha Gloves and Mittens

You also have a vast variety to choose from regarding gloves and mittens. But you'll find one that you love the most. If you pair the right colours, gloves can also add a fun twist to your outfit.

5. Winter Caps

London tends to get pretty windy during winter in England. So please don't forget to pack some woollen caps or beanies to protect your head and hair.

Kosha Wool Beanies

It keeps your head warm while adding cuteness and style to the outfit. If you're looking for something fashionable, opt for a classic woollen beret.

6. Jeans

Jeans have forever been around as a fashion staple. It's one of the simplest items to wear and pull off. But you can wear it during winter in England too.

It's comfortable, fashionable, and supremely functional. Hence, you should mention it in your winter packing list for London.

       Photo by Danik Prihodko

You'll seldom go wrong with this classic piece. You also get this piece in many colours. You could pack something in blue, black or the dark-wash variety.

Jeans go well with almost everything. So pack winter coats, cardigans and jackets to style it. It's perfect for trying out a casual yet elegant look with your options.

7. Turtleneck Sweaters

Winter weather will always accept a nice and warm sweater. The variety available for this winter staple is another bonus. Of the many options available, invest in a turtleneck. This sweater works wonders during a London winter in England.

You can dress your turtlenecks up or down as per the occasion. So pair it with a mini skirt and stalkings for a dinner date. Or wear trousers or jeans for a stroll on the streets.

You can also style it with suits and blazers for a professional outfit vibe. Along with this, you can add accessories such as beanies.

8. Leather Pants

Leather pants are a classic option that's super versatile and a head-turner. It can transform your dull look into an outfit for the day.

Londoners are super fashionable and classy with their outfits in any season. But they also love neutral shades on their outfits. So you could consider black, grey, or brown for your leather pant outfits.

       Photo by Olga Pozney

So pack some essential pieces in a neutral colour palette and add a pop of colour too. It helps you match the vibe of the city.

9. Winter Coats

A winter coat is a piece of outerwear that should feature in your winter wear list for London. It's one of the easy ways to stay warm and look well-dressed without much effort.

Kosha Trench Coats

Coats are super versatile to pair with most types of winter wear. One option to wear your coat is with a sweater. Layer your coat with a sweater and pair it with complementing tailored pants.

You can accessorize it with a beret for a stylish vibe to your outfit.

10. Leg Warmers

You can trust leg warmers to keep you warm on cold London nights. They look pretty but also keep your legs warm and toasty. So get some leg warmers in your favourite colour with cute patterns if possible.

11. Skirts

Skirts aren't meant for summers alone. You can customize it to wear it during winter as well. And guess what, London also would accept skirts for the ladies.

It could be mini skirts or pleated midi skirts. They're easy to pack and are great for trendy looks too. You can style them with your winter essential tops and stockings.

You could style it with sweaters, coats or winter hats too. Also, boots will be great as your footwear.

12. T-shirts and Tops

While in London, during winter, tops and blouses are ideal for adding colour to outfits. Winter outfits can look attractive with bold shades or prints on them. You could also shop for a monochromatic look during a London winter in England.

So these are some winter essentials that should be part of your London packing list. If you style them well, you can also assemble some lovely repeatable outfits. So what would you look out for while shopping for your London winter trip?

Learning How to Layer for London Winter in England

Layering plays a crucial role in extreme winters. The clothing items you've come across can contribute to this concept. You should be aware when you're travelling during peak winter months, especially in fluctuating temperatures.

So here's a breakdown of the winter layering system and its working:

The 3-layer principle is a system consisting of three garment layers. Each layer should be made with suitable materials and designs for the weather you encounter.

They should also be flexible enough to add or remove. It all depends on the weather conditions and activity. The three layers are:

1. The Base Layer

As the name suggests, the base is your first layer in the winter layering system. This layer can be considered you're second skin.

It's the closest to your skin among the three layers you wear. The fabrics you choose should be moisture-wickable, comfy, and breathable too.

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2. The Mid-Layer

After the base comes the mid-layer. This layer should consist of good insulating properties. This feature helps trap body heat to keep you warm in winter. So look out for fabrics that possess these qualities.

3. Outer Layer

This layer is the outermost in the 3-layer system. It's the one that's visible to people and protects you from the winter elements. You need a waterproof and windproof jacket to handle the cold weather and occasional rains.

Two people won't react to cold weather in the same way. So, you also need to consider personal preferences while choosing your layers.





Mistakes to Avoid While Layering in Winter

Layering can get tricky for some people to understand. It could also cause mistakes in the clothes they choose. But please don't take this principle lightly. It's a necessity in freezing weather.

So here are some common mistakes people might commit while layering winter. Keep them in mind and avoid them during winter in England.

1. Fashion Over Function

When you pick your clothes for winter, they should be functional and fashionable. It won't work if you focus on one and neglect the other.

Everyone wants to look great when they dress up for an occasion. But when it's winter, you must pay extra attention to the weather. The wrong clothing can cause loads of discomfort and health concerns.

You have many options that are both practical and stylish. For example, look at the variety available while shopping for coats. It's an excellent way to keep you warm during winter in England.

But you could choose trench coats, duffle coats, pea coats, or puffer coats, to name a few. Each of them has its distinctive features. But they will give you good looks along with warmth.

No one will care how fashionable you look if you suffer frostbite because of inappropriate outfits. Choose a style and colour you love. But it should keep you warm and dry during your winter adventures.

Read more: What to wear in Georgia for Winter

2. The Wrong Fabrics

The next big mistake people make is the choice of fabric. You can't wear all the fabrics you wear in summer during winter. There are specific fabrics that are winter-friendly.

You could buy wool, fleece, polyester or nylon as examples. These fabrics would work wonders for your winter wear.

And you should know that suitable fabrics play a big role in wearing the proper layers. It won't make you feel cold while out on the streets.

Have a look at the properties you need in your fabrics for each layer. If the material suits those features, that would be ideal. For example, buy something breathable and sweat-wicking for base layers.

3. Too Few or Too Many

When you layer up for winter, please don't overdo it. Here again, check the weather and your personal preferences. It's possible to wear too few or too many layers.

Too few layers will cause you to feel cold while you're out and about. And if you wear too many, you will start feeling the heat and discomfort.

The latter will also cause you to sweat a lot, thus making the layers ineffective. When you feel hot, ensure to remove your top layer to regulate your body temperature.

4. Ignoring Accessories

Once you layer up with all three layers, there's more to add. You should accessorize your outfit if the weather demands it. It's wrong to neglect the need for accessories.

Your hands, feet, neck, and head should stay warm too. Winter accessories aren't that expensive as, well. You could invest in some of the options mentioned above for your trip to London.

If you avoid these most common mistakes, you'll be fine. If you have done them before, it's better not to repeat them next time.


1. Do you need a jacket in London?

Yes, you will definitely need a jacket in London in the winter. The average temperature in London in January is 40°F (4°C), and it can often get colder than that.

You'll need a jacket to keep you warm and dry on your walks around the city.

2. What are some tips for packing light for a winter trip to London?

Here are a few tips for packing light for a winter trip to London:

* Pack versatile clothing that can be dressed up or down. This will help you to save space in your suitcase.

* Pack layers. This will allow you to adjust your clothing depending on the weather.

* Pack light-weight clothing. This will help to make your suitcase lighter and easier to carry.

* Pack a few extra items, just in case.

3. What if I'm traveling with kids?

If you're traveling with kids to London in the winter, you'll need to pack extra clothing for them. Kids tend to run around a lot, so they're more likely to get cold. You'll also need to pack a few extra toys and games for them to keep them entertained on the plane and in the hotel room


Winter in England can be a fun time to visit London. But as I said, you shouldn't ignore the clothes you need. Every country or city has its essentials for a season. This rule applies to England and London as well.

This city can be a great reason to visit UK in winter. I hope you have a great time in London if you land there this season.

Please don't forget to maintain a packing list for your winter wear in London. Shop for it before you take the flight to the beautiful city. It would be too late if you're thinking of shopping there.

For any queries related to wearing thermals, base layers, or winter wear in general, visit Kosha’s store and get a free consultation! While you’re at it, check out Kosha’s website for the wide range of thermals, base layers and accessories available at Kosha.

This post was written by Kosha team member - Shawn Mathias

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