Kosha®: Revolutionizing Technical Winter Wear in India

Kosha® stands at the forefront of technical winter and travel wear in India, offering innovative solutions from kidswear to plus sizes. Our layering systems are meticulously designed for temperatures ranging from -20°C to 15°C, ensuring maximum comfort and adaptability. By integrating cutting-edge materials and advanced technologies, Kosha® provides lightweight, durable garments that offer unparalleled warmth and ease of movement. Each piece is crafted to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining a sleek, ergonomic design. Whether you're scaling peaks or exploring new cities, trust Kosha® to deliver superior performance and exceptional style. Catering to eco-conscious travelers, Kosha® champions immersive, empathetic travel experiences. Experience the perfect blend of technology and comfort with Kosha®, and make every journey a testament to your adventurous spirit.


A Team of Passionate Travelers Kosha is brought to life by a vibrant team of young travelers who infuse their own stories of self-discovery into our brand. Our team members are adventurers at heart—some climb the highest peaks with ease, others delve into world cultures, and many are dedicated to exploring global music scenes. Together, we have built a company that merges our unique styles into a traveler’s dream.
A Community of Explorers What sets Kosha apart is not just our exceptional winter wear and travel gear but our commitment to creating a community of explorers. Our individual travel stories and experiences shape our products, making them more than just clothing; they are companions on your adventures. From the bustling markets of Mumbai to the serene slopes of the Himalayas, Kosha gear is designed to enhance every journey.