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Top 5 Trending Outfits For Hill Station

by Kosha Admin 10 Jul 2024

“Ah! Summers are hitting, let’s go for a holiday?” 


“Well, let’s plan for a hill station.”

Isn't this the thought that pops into your head every time we discuss the holidays? And now comes the difficult decision of what to dress in. You might be having a lot of things to wear, but holidays are somewhere you would also want to flaunt fashion. Isn’t it? 

Whatever you wear, it must be comfy and travel-friendly. Let’s make it simpler for you by recommending some great outfits for hill station in summer. Nowadays, hill station fashion has gained prominence. 

While mornings and evenings can be chilly, you can always style yourself during the day. Summers in the hill stations are generally pleasant, except for the Himalayan high-altitude valleys. So, be ready to reduce your layering and demonstrate your fashion savvy.

Outfits for Hill Station: Recommendation

Packing the right clothing is one of the most critical aspects of traveling, especially if you have planned for a hill station. 

Here is a handy recommendation for outfits for the hill station. 

1. Wintrify with Trousers and Hiking pants

The duration of your vacation might help you choose how many pairs of pants you must bring on your journey. Notably, trousers and hiking pants are the most comfortable outfit to wear in hill stations.

They are quite convenient for walking, hiking, and general movement. After all, these are essential for your health and otherwise also. You may always pair it up with top thermals (temperature-regulating thermal could be a good option) or waterproof jackets.

2. Trek with Joggers

Joggers can also be one of the most comfortable hill station outfit options. They may be stretched out, come with a ventilation feature, and in a large range of different colors and patterns to choose from. A jogger in a solid hue can be worn with a T-shirt. 

Wearing a denim jacket over this will give it a relaxed, comfy appearance. It's like wearing pajamas and yet looking chic.

3. Say Hi to Sweatshirts

Light wool, fleece, or sweatshirt will do to combat the hill station wear. Generally, South Indian hill stations aren't as cold as Himalayan ones, but a light woolen won't hurt. However, a fast drop in temperature might be caused by inclement weather, thus it is critical to dress in light warm clothing.

4. Flaunt your “The Dress”

Sundresses and Boho ensembles for women might be rather suitable if you are only visiting hill stations during the summer. You may also wear the same maxi dress with a variety of cardigans or coats to create a new look. Voila! Your garment is quite flattering, and it even looks good when worn in chilly climes.

Tip: For daytime wear, consider a cotton pullover. 

5. Close the Deal With Your BFF, Boots

You can enjoy walking around town to hiking in the hills with a durable pair of boots. You can wear neutral-colored boots with jeans, leggings, and jumper dresses to stay warm and turn heads. Legwarmers in vibrant colors add elegance to boots. Flat boots with a sturdy soles are also ideal for hilly vacations.

Now, that you have a fair idea of outfits for the hill station, most of the time you might find yourself juggling with the color combinations. Keep scrolling to find out the easiest color combo to try.

Outfits for Hill Station: Color Combination to Try

A few colors to experiment with when visiting hill stations are listed below.


1. Choose Bright, Choose Yellow

How can a trip to a hill station be complete without taking in the surrounding scenery, the lush greenery and dense fog. Oftentimes, the sun only appears for a short period at these locations, even throughout the day. Wearing a yellow shirt or jacket is a great way to stand out this season. 

2. Pose With Blue

There are numerous shades of blue, such as royal, navy, sky, and many more, to choose from while selecting outfits for the top layer. Opt for a light-colored outfit to look amazing in your travel photoshoots. You may always pair it with black jeans or trousers and, you're set.

3. Adore Orange

Turn the heads to you with pairing a bright orange top with bottoms in a dark colour. The hue will look gorgeous and you can stand out from the rest. Your social media feeds will be overflowing with people's reactions if you give this a go.

4. Black Is for All

Black has always been the color of kings. and you may wear it as an upper with any light-colored pants or as a jacket with a light-colored T-shirt. Try a muffler around your neck for a unique look. When the light is dim or low, this clothing will give your photos a cool vibe.

Aside from being on a trendy excursion, it is also necessary to know and take the other essential items to hill stations. Let’s have a look.

Traveling to a Hill Station? Here Are the Must-Haves!

The trick to traveling light is to bring only the essentials. Think ahead and you'll agree that the following travel packing recommendations are all you need for a trip to the mountains.


1. Woolen Clothes 

Comfort is just as vital as warmth. Only bring optimum woolen clothing for hill stations if you don't want to freeze to death or be forced to carry too much weight. Your week-long vacation might consist of two decent-quality jackets or coats, quick dry thermals, pullovers, and sweaters in plain colors. However, body warmers can be a lifeline.

The accessories like gloves, hats, and mufflers must also be kept handy with you. 

2.Socks & Footwear

Regardless of how much cool and cozy stuff you wear, the wrong socks and shoes will always defeat the objective. The best footwear for hill climbing and snow trekking is a pair of sturdy shoes or boots. Don't bring your stilettos and loafers. Wear woolen trekking socks underneath that provides the added cushion and breathability as well. 

Keep an additional pair of slip-resistant slippers in your carry-on luggage so you can wear them both inside and outside your hotel.

3. Medicines

Snow and rain are both wonderful things, but they may be challenging for our immune systems. It is essential to always have a stock of common medications. If you suffer from motion sickness, you can carry a pill to alleviate your symptoms. 

Besides certain cold and altitude sickness meds are a must-have.

4. Chocolates

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolates, but that isn't the only reason to indulge in them. As a bonus, they're the finest way to get a quick burst of energy. As a mountain climber, you may need to recharge yourself. It's also possible to feel constrained by the cold. 

You'll feel a lot more invigorated and warm if you consume a lot of chocolate. 

5. Skin Cream

It is common for the weather to be either cold and dry or cold and wet at higher altitudes. In such conditions, our skin is put to the test, so it's best to prepare it beforehand. To avoid damaging your skin while on vacation, all you will need is quality winter and sunscreen cream. 

Also, lip balms are necessary for hill stations. Winter and chilly regions cause chapped lips. Dry lips can bleed and irritate. Lip balms hydrate and nurture your skin during extreme weather.

6. Water Sipper

Maintaining proper hydration is an absolute necessity whenever you are out on a hike or trail. Try ensuring that your bottle is refilled with water or your preferred hot beverage. A thermal water bottle, which can keep your beverages hot for an extended amount of time, is the best alternative available.

Pick a bottle that won't leak but is yet easy to carry.

7. Raincoat or Umbrella

Snowfall and rain are the best friends of uphills and so can knock anytime. You should have an umbrella with you at all times. These "romantic" weather surprises only appear in movies, but in reality, they might ruin your idyllic holiday plans. 

If you don't want to carry a bulky umbrella, opt for a lightweight raincoat.

8. Power Bank

Your long day trip to the hills might eliminate the possibility of regularly charging your phone. Usually, the battery discharges at a faster rate the higher you go because there are fewer phone networks. In addition, your phones are continually in motion, from taking pictures to playing music, to using Google Maps. 

Get a power charger and you won't have to worry about your phone being discharged frequently.

9. Solid Food Items

Make sure you have some handy snacks to munch along your trip or maybe if the nearest restaurant closes before you get a chance to get some food down. Additionally, if your children are continuously hungry and can't wait till the next meal, carrying these would come as a rescue.

10. Camera

One of the best parts of a trip to a hill station is getting to take in the breathtaking scenery. Don't forget to capture the immaculate beauty with your camera or phone. Always remember to utilise a power bank to keep the camera charged up throughout the day.

End Notes

It is always enjoyable to holiday in the mountains. The majority of the time, you may anticipate cold temperature fluctuations. Occasionally, though, winter days may be rather mild. 

The decision over which items to carry and which to leave behind is monumental. After all, who wouldn't want to look beautiful in images of breathtaking beauty?

Regardless of what you choose as the outfits for hill station, ensure that it is comfortable and practical. The final objective is to enjoy the vacation, capture memories, and maximize the experience. What are you waiting for, then? 

Start browsing for a layer that is both warm and comfy for a vacation to a hill station.

Good luck!

This post was written by Kosha team member – Ayushi Jaiswal

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